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Based in Himatangi, twenty minutes from Palmerston North. Country Village Ltd is owned and operated by Steve and Michele Welsh.

Country Village Ltd were involved in the importing of antique furniture and decorative items. From both England and Europe for well over a decade.

On one buying trip to England they were fortunate to discover a vast selection of ornamental stoneware about 2.JPGpieces. Both avid gardeners Steve and Michele knew instantly that New Zealand has been void of such a quality product.

To test consumer interest they purchased a selection of classical pieces and sent them to New Zealand. Upon arrival the response not only from their loyal customers but also local garden centres was amazing. So much so that they sold out within two days.

Now over 30 years on. The Dragonstone range of classical pieces are as popular now, as when first released into the New Zealand Market. With the range of statues, pots and urns, birdbath and water features proving the most desirable. 

Besides the English Dragonstone range we also source other home and garden related products. In most cases these items are NZ origin and exclusive to Country Village Ltd. Isn't it nice to know that most items purchased at COUNTRY VILLAGE your next door neighbour won't have the same piece. Have a look you will be amazed of what is available. 



Quality, has always been collectable and a true investment for those fortunate enough to own it.
The growing shortage of antique stoneware has resulted in increased prices. This has made modern reconstituted (cast) stoneware more desirable.

At Country Village we believe we can help you get an antique of the future. We have available the finest and most durable cast stoneware currently available. Classical Designs with Traditional Workmanship aAbout 4.JPGnd using Modern Materials and Technology.

We stock an attractive "traditional" range of stoneware which can all be viewed on our website. 

  •    all our pieces are hand made from natural  stone and aggregates.
  •    with our manufacturing process having been developed to meet  architectural standards,
  •    all our products satisfy the requirements of   BS 1217 for cast stone.

People can now buy antiques of the future as we believe that in the future our pieces will be quality antiques.

Pots & Urns / Fountains
Because of the manufacturing process the entire range of Urns and Pots can easily be converted into fountains. If elevation is needed we suggest one of our plinths in conjunction with this.
For further details free phone 0800 3299714

Fine crazing can occur. This is called "thermal shock" and will self heal. It is in most cement based products and is not structural. Any substrate movement may also lead to fine hairline cracks that will usually seal. Such movement is beyond Dragonstone's control or liability. As with all cement based products there can be efflorescence - this will usually wear away. Dragonstone's stand by the quality and workmanship of their products.