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 We are pleased to announce the arrival of a comprehensive range of sculptures, wall art & self contained fountains made from GRC (glass reinforced concrete)
All items can be viewed on our website under Pietro Stoneware & Fountains.
We are fortunate to have exclusivity for this range, so if you are looking for something different either free phone for further details or come and view this unique product range. 

Thoughout NZ both in towns & cities are many iconic landmarks, varying in depiction, colour & size.
There's a giant carrot in Ohakune & the L & P bottle in Paeroa. Himatangi Beach has its colourful Buoy and now Himatangi can claim they have one also,

Country Village Dragonstone have been located at Himatangi Intersection for the past 27 years. Originally selling antique furniture but diversifying into garden related decorative items over a decade ago.Steve & Michele Welsh were fortunate to be offered a giant pot. Replicating a Burmese water jar and the opportunity was too good to miss. Made in Wellington from fiberglass, the jar stands 2.5 metres and weigh's just over 100kg's.

The only change made before erection was the colour. Originally terracotta (which Country Village don't sell) it's now a vibrant fire engine red. Complete with a metallic flake which glistens when the sun is shining on it.

Pot & Jar sales have always been consistent, but since erection of the water jar, they have increased two fold.The Country Village motto has always been 'A Complete Home and Garden Range with a difference'. Not only does this apply to what they have available. It now includes the water jar which will become a well-known landmark for many years to come.

FOOTNOTE. When asked for directions how to find Himatangi, just say look for the red pot, we are all potty down here!